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BlueChoice HealthPlan

  • Large Group Retention and Sales Incentives
    • Earn more while growing your large group book of business with BlueChoice. Their large group retention and sales growth incentives will be counted from November 2021 – January 2022.
    • Click here to learn more.


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Cigna+Oscar (TN & GA)

  • Tennessee:
    • Cigna + Oscar has added 8 plan designs to our 2022 TN product portfolio and will be rolling out PPO based products to our TN small group clients starting with 1/1/2022 effective dates of coverage! PPO based products will be automatic for any group offering a plan design on our Open Access Plus Network.   Check our 2022 product portfolio HERE
  • Georgia:
    • Cigna + Oscar has added several new plans to our 2022 GA product portfolio including women plans with Virtual Primary Care. Virtual Primary Care comes with several benefits including convenience, $0 labs, a vitals monitoring kit and $0 to the first specialist visit when recommended by the Virtual Primary Care Physician. Check out our 2022 plans HERE
  • Get Rewarded with Cigna + Oscar
    • Cigna + Oscar wants to reward you for getting your new 1/1 groups in early so you can enjoy the holidays and get paid!
      • Get your 1/1/2022 4+ EE case approved between 11/1 – 11/30 get $700
      • Get your 1/1/2022 4+ EE case approved between 12/1 – 12/15 get $500
      • Get your 1/1/2022 4+ EE case approved before 1/1 get $350

Companion Life

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  • Humana Smart Insights will be replacing the Plan Pulse Report
    • Launching November 1st will be the new Humana Smart Insights reporting. Just like the Plan Pulse, it will provide crucial information to help educate your groups on appropriate level of car, RX utilization and importance of preventative care.
  • Temporary ID Cards for LMG
    • The Launch My Group post-submission member status screen will now provide frequently requested member information and temporary ID cards! This information will be available for new business from the time of enrollment through the first 30 days of the group’s active coverage.
  • Don’t Miss Out! Enroll New LFP Groups, Get Admin Fee Credit!
    • Write new Level Funded Premium (LFP) groups with September 1 through December 1, 2021, effective dates.
    • Enroll via Launch My Group.
    • Earn a $300 per subscriber administrative fee credit.
  • Learn about Humana’s Community Rated Portfolio for 2022
    • Their 2022 Community Rated (CR) portfolio will go live for quoting on October 1, 2021 with a January 1, 2022 effective date. Some states may be eligible for early quoting as state approvals are received.
    • CR for 2022 will offer choices with competitive differentiation and price points without unnecessary confusion or administrative costs.
    • What’s new for CR 2022 portfolio?
      • ACA allowable MOOP of $8,700
      • Ultra-lean option
      • On Hand copay: new plan design!
        • Pharmacy – Rx5 Blended
        • Copays offered on select services
      • On Hand FL, GA, KS, MO, TX: richer options $4,500 and $6,500 DED/OOP and leanest option of $8,700 DED/OOP
      • Rx5 Blended benefit design on select Canopy (FL, GA, MO, KS, TX) and Copay plans (GA, MO, KS)
      • No additional reductions will occur in 2022 in MI and UT
  • Humana’s 2021 Humana Producer Guide is available to download, click here >>> Humana Producer Guide. This great resource is full of very useful information on doing business day-to-day with Humana.  It covers everything from quoting through installation, including HRAE underwriting and Launch My Group tool.

Kansas City Life

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Sun Life

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  • Get more with Sun Life’s Hospital Indemnity plan
    • Sun Life has expanded their Hospital Indemnity product to include even more features and benefits! Their plan still includes all the basics that are essential for coverage, but you now have the option to add on the following:
      • More coverage for pregnancy and childbirth – plans can now include routine well baby nursery care
      • More benefit options that cover a broader range of a hospital experience like intermediate step-down unit stays, inpatient surgery and emergency room treatment
      • More flexibility in high/low plan options for employee choice
      • More first day benefits
      • More benefits that can be paid on the same day

      Watch this short video to learn more about their expanded Hospital Indemnity plan. And, for even more details, check out their new brochure.


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  • UHC Renews Network Relationships with Catawba Valley Health System
    • UnitedHealthcare and Catawba Valley Health System (CVHS) reached a long-term agreement that will renew its network relationship with Catawba Valley Medical Center and its affiliated physician group for employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare Advantage members.
    • Click here to read the full press release.
  • North Carolina – Small Group Fully Insured Commission Update
    • New base commission rate schedule for fully insured small medical groups up to 50 eligible in North Carolina with effective dates on or after October 1, 2021.
    • This new commission schedule is effective for new fully insured medical groups with up to 50 eligible employees in North Carolina with effective dates on or after October 1, 2021, and existing fully insured medical groups with up to 50 eligible employees in North Carolina on their first renewal on or after October 1, 2021.
    • Click here for more information.


  • Unum Vaccine Verifier
    • Unum Vaccine Verifier will include solutions for both employers and their employees. The new digital product will go beyond a software-only system and help companies:
      • Verify employee vaccination status – Providing a self-service portal for employees to report vaccination status and upload documentation.
      • Manage employee vaccine exemptions – Handing intake of all medical and non-medical exemption requests, sensitive documents
      • Manage testing compliance – Managing test result documentation for employees who are not vaccinated, sending weekly reminders and employer notification.
      • Click here to learn more and contact your Sales Rep for additional information and pricing.
  • Go Digital with Unum’s EOI Solutions
    • Fast
      • EOI doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process. Their fully digital and mobilized solutions allow for swift approval and transfer of information, with 85% of applicants getting a decision instantly – so they can get the coverage they need, painlessly.
    • Simple
      • They make things easy for plan administrators and applicants, no matter their size of their enrollment process. With three digital options to choose from, every one of their clients will find a simple, digital EOI solution that fits their needs.
    • Transparent
      • Their EOI dashboard provides quick and transparent information on decision status for plan administrators, and applicants receive clear information directly from their EOI portal when they complete their online statement of health.
  • Unum’s Enhanced Supplemental Health Offering:
    • Unum’s supplemental health offering includes Accident, Critical Illness, & Hospital coverage. Health plans and disability insurance help employees in times of need, but this coverage may have gaps that lead to out-of-pocket expenses. Unum’s supplemental health benefits add financial protection for employees in the event of a serious health issue. The following enhancements are included in Unum’s offering:
      • Accident, Critical Illness, & Hospital:
        • Enhanced Be Well benefit: includes all existing screenings, annual exams by a physician (dental & vision visits qualify), child physicals, well baby visits, and immunizations
        • No cap in the number of child claims (3 children with 3 wellness claims = $150 payout)
      • Critical Illness:
        • New covered conditions: Dementia (including Alzheimer’s), ALS, Functional Loss (version of LTC rider), Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Infectious Diseases, and minor coronary artery disease are covered at 100%
        • Enhanced Cancer Coverage: Unum treats all stages of Breast Cancer as Invasive, resulting in a 100% benefit.
        • Recurrence Benefit: Paid at 100% with 6 month separation
      • Accident:
        • New covered benefits: x-ray, prescription drug, short stay hospitalization, knee cartilage (meniscus) injury, ruptured/herniated disc injury, injection benefit for tetanus, rabies, antivenom, dental filling/chip repair, general anesthesia, transfusion, and internal injuries
      • Hospital:
        • New benefits that are considered HSA-compatible: rehab unit, substance abuse facility, mental/nervous facility, lodging, and short stay