• Small Group Aetna Funding Advantage
    • Aetna understands that as a small business owner, cost control is always a top concern. With you in mind, they’re launching their most inclusive and rich set of savings programs for new customers.
    • Click here to learn more.
  • Machine-readable files (MRF) for small group Aetna Funding Advantage
    • Your MRF is now available on under Plan Disclosures. Your MRF will be posted under your claim administrator’s name.
    • You do not need to post the URL on your website. With your MRF posted on, you are compliant to the regulation.
    • You do not need to save a copy of the MRF. Aetna will retain the MRFs according to their data retention policy.

BCBS of South Carolina

  • Fitness Benefits for Medicare Supplement Members
    • Access to no-cost fitness center memberships and home fitness programs through our Silver&Fit® program. Click Here.
  • Machine Readable File Link and Information:
    • Please click here to learn more. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

BlueChoice HealthPlan

  • Women’s Health is Now Included in My Health NovelSM
    • The Women’s Health Chapter of My Health Novel provides free support and solutions for the health struggles women face at various stages of life. Women can choose from a range of programs that will support them as they pursue their unique goals.
    • To learn more about how BlueChoice can assist you on your health journey, click here.
  • Comprehensive 2024 Blue Option Pharmacy Benefits
    • All Blue Option plans include pharmacy services their coverage for a wide variety of prescription drugs. With their six-tier copayment/coinsurance levels, your clients get flexibility in managing high-cost and specialty medications, regardless of whether a drug is generic or brand name. Their tier system also helps ensure members have availability to all classes of drugs with better affordability. Please review the 2024 Prescription Drug List to see which tier a specific drug is located.
  • Blue Option Client Save Big With the All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment
    • The all-inclusive office visit copayment is a benefit that has saved Blue Option members a substantial amount of money over the years. When members visit a participating in-network provider, they pay one copayment for all covered services performed in the doctor’s office on the same date when billed by the physician. This benefit is available with all plans that have a copayment. Best of all, there are no dollar maximums!
    • For more information, please contact your BlueChoice representative.
  • Blue Option Members Have Access to Care Nationwide with BlueCard
    • As a reminder, your Blue Option clients traveling outside of South Carolina can go to participating doctors and hospitals nationwide. When they use a doctor or hospital through BlueCard, they get the highest level of benefits. Click here to learn more.



Cigna+Oscar (TN & GA)

  • Georgia
    • Looking for more information on our 2024 Cigna + Oscar rates, plans and value adds? Click here to see more!

  • Tennessee
    • Did you know? Cigna + Oscar Open Access Plus Bronze $9400 plan is the lowest cost option of its kind in the market! The plan is priced below their competitors AND includes a national PPO network. Check it out here!

Companion Life

  • New Portal Enhancements
    • Companion Life’s portal now includes a “Chat Now” feature that connects users to a member of their service team. It’s a simple way to get answers to questions regarding an enrollment, bill or ID card. Try it out today!


  • 2024 Humana Marketing Kit for Brokers
    • Our Broker Marketing Kit is a one-stop shop for product flyers, promotional materials, open enrollment resources, portal guides and current bonus information.
  • 2024 Producer Partnership Plan
    • This document contains information on our 2024 Growth Bonus, as well as general information on our products and standard commissions.
  • Dental Benefits with Humana
    • Dental Bundling Bonus
      • Just Announced! Our new Dental Bundling Bonus for April – September 2024 Effective dates.
      • To earn a bonus, place a NEW Humana dental line of coverage with at least one additional Group Benefits line of coverage with the same employer during qualifying period.
    • Humana is making leaps and bounds over what is standard in the market:
      • 3 cleanings per year instead of just 2
      • 4 Periodontal cleanings per year in Preventative as opposed to market only 2 per year and in basic
      • 9,999,999 Max available
      • Extended annual max in place of carryover account
        • Extended annual max can be used year 1
        • No thresholds or limitations are applied to this benefit

Kansas City Life


Sun Life

  • Digital Education Hub
    • Broker education and training is a focal point for the agencies Sun Life partners with. In addition to event education and ongoing webinars, we have launched a digital education hub for our Broker Partners to utilize at their own discretion. This hub contains videos, recorded webinars, presentations, and job aids to assist with your educational needs. Click here to get started.
  • Mployer’s New 5500 Prospecting Tool: Catalyst
    • Thanks to our preferred partnership with Mployer Advisor, we are excited to bring out MVP partners a 30-day free trial of Mployer’s new 5500 prospecting tool: Catalyst. Use this link to request your complimentary access and an email with your log-in information will be sent within the hour. Unlimited company dashboards and exports of employer insights are available with up to 20 decision-maker psychographic credits during the trial period, and you can select up to 3 states. Be sure to check out the video link within the landing page for an overview of the tool.
  • RollMax Calculator and Preventative Rewards Dental Plan Options
    • Help your Clients save by quoting Sun Life’s RollMax and Preventative Rewards dental plan options. Don’t leave annual maximum dollars behind-roll them over for future Dental Care with RollMax. The Preventive Rewards option incentivizes people to get regular cleanings by adding money to the annual maximum covered by their policy when they maintain Preventive Care.
    • Try the new calculator to see how or contact your Employee Benefit Sales Representative to learn more.
  • Benefits Explorer
    • Sun Life is excited to announce the launch of Benefits Explorer to help educate and prepare employees for benefits enrollment. Benefit Explorer provides access to direct links to their employer’s online enrollment, the digitally powered platform offers employees a guided path to learn about their benefits and benefits package based on their specific needs. For more information click here to watch a short demo or contact your Employee Benefit Sales Representative.

United HealthCare

  • Upgrade to Cirrus/USP
    • Have you heard? UHC can now offer all lines of specialty on one platform. Click here to learn more.
  • Machine-Readable Files (MRFs) – UHC Approach
    • An employer may locate and view their Machine-Readable File information.  To do so:
      • Access
      • Hit Ctrl-F on keyboard to bring up a search bar.
      • Type in the employer name and the associated MRFs will display.
      • Example:  2022-07-01_customer name_Choice-Plus_in-network-rates.json
        • Multiple files may appear
        • Select those with the specific company name, plan and area of interests (network rates, allowed amounts, etc.)
        • Files will be updated monthly in accordance with the requirements
  • United HealthCare + Mineral
    • Looking to keep your business ready and resilient for whatever lies ahead? Mineral™ is included as part of your UnitedHealthcare plan to help you handle even the most complex compliance issues with confidence.
    • What can Mineral help you with?
      • Keeping track of new laws and regulations
      • Reducing your administrative burden
      • Operating successfully in multiple states
      • Addressing harassment, diversity and inclusion
      • Supporting and motivating your employees
    • For more information on Mineral, click here.
  • UnitedHealthcare and WakeMed Agree to Multi-Year Contract
    • UnitedHealthcare and WakeMed have agreed to a new multi-year relationship that restores network access to WakeMed’s hospitals, employed physicians and specialists for people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored and Medicare Advantage plans. The long-term agreement is effective November 15, 2022, meaning people enrolled in employer-sponsored and Medicare Advantage plans can receive in-network care at WakeMed effective immediately.


  • Unum Vaccine Verifier
    • Unum Vaccine Verifier will include solutions for both employers and their employees. The new digital product will go beyond a software-only system and help companies:
      • Verify employee vaccination status – Providing a self-service portal for employees to report vaccination status and upload documentation.
      • Manage employee vaccine exemptions – Handing intake of all medical and non-medical exemption requests, sensitive documents
      • Manage testing compliance – Managing test result documentation for employees who are not vaccinated, sending weekly reminders and employer notification.
      • Click here to learn more and contact your Sales Rep for additional information and pricing.
  • Go Digital with Unum’s EOI Solutions
    • Fast
      • EOI doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process. Their fully digital and mobilized solutions allow for swift approval and transfer of information, with 85% of applicants getting a decision instantly – so they can get the coverage they need, painlessly.
    • Simple
      • They make things easy for plan administrators and applicants, no matter their size of their enrollment process. With three digital options to choose from, every one of their clients will find a simple, digital EOI solution that fits their needs.
    • Transparent
      • Their EOI dashboard provides quick and transparent information on decision status for plan administrators, and applicants receive clear information directly from their EOI portal when they complete their online statement of health.
  • Unum’s Enhanced Supplemental Health Offering:
    • Unum’s supplemental health offering includes Accident, Critical Illness, & Hospital coverage. Health plans and disability insurance help employees in times of need, but this coverage may have gaps that lead to out-of-pocket expenses. Unum’s supplemental health benefits add financial protection for employees in the event of a serious health issue. The following enhancements are included in Unum’s offering:
      • Accident, Critical Illness, & Hospital:
        • Enhanced Be Well benefit: includes all existing screenings, annual exams by a physician (dental & vision visits qualify), child physicals, well baby visits, and immunizations
        • No cap in the number of child claims (3 children with 3 wellness claims = $150 payout)
      • Critical Illness:
        • New covered conditions: Dementia (including Alzheimer’s), ALS, Functional Loss (version of LTC rider), Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Infectious Diseases, and minor coronary artery disease are covered at 100%
        • Enhanced Cancer Coverage: Unum treats all stages of Breast Cancer as Invasive, resulting in a 100% benefit.
        • Recurrence Benefit: Paid at 100% with 6 month separation
      • Accident:
        • New covered benefits: x-ray, prescription drug, short stay hospitalization, knee cartilage (meniscus) injury, ruptured/herniated disc injury, injection benefit for tetanus, rabies, antivenom, dental filling/chip repair, general anesthesia, transfusion, and internal injuries
      • Hospital:
        • New benefits that are considered HSA-compatible: rehab unit, substance abuse facility, mental/nervous facility, lodging, and short stay
  • Disaster Event: Florida – Hurricane Ian
    • Customers situated in Florida are being given special accommodations by Unum in the wake of Hurricane Ian, more details are included here around employee hours worked eligibility, grace period for payments, and additional support available.