Eager to Serve

Our services can help you grow your business!

The Cason Group seeks to provide useful products and services to our agents and brokers. We can help you grow your business with services such as:

  • Group Client Meetings and Enrollments
  • Group Enrollment and Renewal Software
  • Financial Services Call Center
  • Licensing and Commissions

We know your time is limited, so our goal is to offer services that help free you up to sell insurance and grow your business.

Group Enrollments

The Cason Group has W2 enrollers who will meet with your groups and advise members on medical, ancillary and worksite products.

Beacon Benefits Solution

Our group benefits enrollment software streamlines the enrollment and renewal process, seamlessly integrating with our carriers and creating fewer headaches for your employers.

Life Insurance Call Center

If you find that you have less time to focus on cumbersome life applications and lengthy underwriting processes, but still would like to generate a commission from these potential cases, you can now direct these clients to The Cason Group Life and Disability Insurance Call Center. All you have to do is make the introduction, and our staff will take it from there.

Licensing and Commissions

Our easy-to-use licensing program will guide you through the process of filling out the forms you need, plus allow you to submit multiple licensing applications at once. Contact our Licensing and Commissions department to begin the appointment process.