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Financial Services: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Annuities

The Cason Group delivers efficient insurance, group and executive benefits solutions with an unbiased, consultative approach. We identify and evaluate the impact of insurance solutions to help advance your clients’ objectives. Any options we recommend are based on consultations with you and / or your client to support their best interests.

There are three ways a Financial Services advisor can work with The Cason Group:

  1. Financial Services Solutions – We help you identify and evaluate the impact of life insurance, disability insurance and annuity solutions as part of your clients’ risk management and wealth protection strategy. We work with you in a method that is consistent with how you conduct business and help deepen your client relationships.
  2. Expanding your Practice and Services – We work directly with you, or your client if you prefer, to consult on insurance solutions and recommendations. Our services are designed with the highest respect for you and your role. We communicate on every aspect of the solutions we recommend and are fully transparent in our process. We focus on your clients’ best interests, not a particular company’s best interest.
  3. Policy Review Program – We conduct a thorough review of your clients’ existing insurance policies on your behalf. We review the health of the policy and stress test the policy against current and future objectives you have set. If the policy is out of alignment, we consult with you on how the policy could be brought into alignment with the client’s current and future goals.