Posted on December 14th, 2017

I recently had a conversation with an agency owner who realized that less than 10 percent of his clients had life insurance with him. The further problem was that his staff was busy and he didn’t want to add additional areas of expertise to their plates.

In these situations, I often get asked if I know anyone who would be a good fit for their agency. “Good advisors are hard to find,” they say.

Hiring can be a complicated process and a large investment. From finding the right person, to negotiating compensation, to investing in training… not to mention providing benefits…  All of these factors have a financial impact on a practice and can be quite an undertaking.

So how does one bridge the gap? Well, there are a few options: hire someone, partner with another advisor who has the specific expertise you need, or even partner with a Sales Representative at The Cason Group.

The Cason Group can work on your behalf to meet the needs of these clients. We frequently do policy reviews and needs analysis to find out what would be the best fit. We work on these situations daily so we can ask and answer questions that might not be familiar to you. We can meet with and walk a client through the entire process from quoting to placement. A commission split will be decided and there won’t be additional work for you or your staff.

If that isn’t of interest we also work with other advisors that might be a referral fit for you.  Possibly a financial planner with a property and casualty agent.  Either way, we are here to help you take care of your clients.

If you are missing opportunities to round out your accounts and don’t have anyone dedicated to advising on Life, Disability or Long Term Care, let us know. Our external representatives can arrange a consultative meeting or pair you up with someone else who might be a fit.

Need help talking to your clients about Financial Services products? Contact your Cason Group Financial Services Sales Representative.