• A Quick Sales Strategy – in “Just a Minute”
    • Check out a compelling way to show your Protection VUL clients how to lower their guaranteed premiums – by as much as 25% – using the LifeTrack Bronze Guarantee Solve in JHIllustrator.
  • Digital Platform Updates from Legal & General America now effective
    • Business insurance option and Get More Get Less for clients. Click here to read the announcement
  • LGA Underwriting Superhighway
    • Get your clients on the fast track to financial protection. The LGA Underwriting Superhighway opens opportunities for riskier clients while speeding up the process for instant decisions.

Cincinnati Life

John Hancock

  • New Protection IUL
    • For clients seeking the protection and growth potential of an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policy, John Hancock’s repriced Protection IUL continues to lead in customer value with:
      • Some of the most competitive and short-pay premiums on the market
      • New! Access to Barclays Global MA Indexed Accounts for improved policy performance
      • Addition of the Preliminary Funding Account for added flexibility
  • Explore John Hancock’s Vitality Resources – No Registration Required
    • Check out John Hancock’s “Get Started Guide”, designed to help answer your clients questions and encourage them to start engaging in the John Hancock Vitality Program. You can find the guide and all the latest resources on their unlocked advisor page here.
  • Shave up to 20 days from submission to issue with the enhanced iPipeline iGO eApp!
    • An enhanced version of the John Hancock e-Application in iPipeline iGO is now available, offering you a dramatic reduction in the life insurance sales cycle — potentially by up to 20 days — along with a more streamlined and convenient way to collect medical history data and signatures. Take a look at this short video to see how easy it is to shave time off your next case.
  • A Win-Win: Competitive Premiums and Leading Targets
    •  Protection Survivorship IUL is a proverbial win-win for both you and your clients. Not only does it offer competitive premiums, growth potential and flexible funding for your clients, but it also offers industry-leading targets!
  • New Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness rider
    • John Hancock is excited to add an “Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness rider” to their robust suite of living benefits. This rider can help provide clients a “just in case” solution that gives them early access to their policy’s death benefit if they become chronically ill. It’s just one more way John Hancock is offering clients the flexibility and protection they need from their life insurance policy.
  • New Travel Rewards Partner: Expedia
    • John Hancock remains committed to always enhancing the customer experience with the best tools, resources and rewards; they are transitioning their travel benefit partner from to

Legal & General America

  • Switch to Digital
    • Legal & General America is making the switch to digital. LIBRA Agencies will make the transition on May 5th, 2022, at which point all paper applications will feed into the digital system. Click here for some common questions and answers about the change.
  • Legal & General America’s Application Platform – The Ultimate Digital Tool
  • Digital Application Platform
    • AU from Legal & General America’s digital application platform just got a million times better! Click here for updates.
    • Option to reopen your closed applications. Click here to find useful training information.

Learn how Legal & General America is transforming the journey (from experts Zachary Pugh, VP, Chief Underwriter, and Patti DeWitt, VP, Underwriting & Claims Operations).


  • Table Reduction Program Plan Guidelines
    • Got a rated case? Lincoln Table Shave C to Standard is back under age 70. All permanent products get standard rates on any rated cases up to Table C. Pitch a VULONE on your next rated term case. Click here to learn more.
  • Watch the new Asset Edge 2022 Video
  • Two Reasons You Have an Edge With Your Business Insurance Cases
  • Schedule a Case Discussion with Michael Hamilton
  • RealTime Offer for Eligible Life Insurance Cases
    • Lincoln has introduced RealTime Offers for cases submitted for either their TermAccel product or for single life products through their LincXpress application. Beginning July 25, 2022, Lincoln is excited to provide you and your clients with a RealTime Offer for eligible life insurance cases. This feature will immediately communicate an underwriting approval decision to clients that have been approved lab-free by their automated underwriting process. The client, writing agent, and case contact will be notified of the approval upon completion of the online or phone interview.

Mutual/United of Omaha

  • IULs That Are Simple, Flexible, Trusted
    • At Mutual of Omaha, they want to make the decision easy when determining what solution best fits the needs of your clients.
    • Their IULs are:
      1. Simple – The simple design of their products makes them easy to understand, illustrate and fund. They are straightforward and transparent IULs with one of the lowest cost structures in the industry.
      2. Flexible – They have 3 IULs that are all designed to meet the unique needs of a variety of clients. Including powerful built-in riders such as the Guaranteed Refund Options (GRO)* Rider and Chronic Illness Rider.
      3. Trusted – They understand that they are there for their customers and because of them, every decision they make is with their best interests in mind.
  • Sales Idea: Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Update
    • Mutual of Omaha has been closely monitoring their new business and underwriting practices from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this time, they have periodically made business decisions regarding their underwriting guidelines. They are pleased to announce that they will be changing their temporary guideline changes effective August 1, 2022. These guidelines apply to all fully underwritten life insurance cases and include all newly submitted and pending in-house cases, whether formal or informal.
      • Acceptance Guidelines Based on Insured’s Issue Age:
        • They will now accept applications for clients through age 79 and up to Table 6.
        • If the client is age 80 and above, all cases will be temporarily postponed.
      • FIT Underwriting Program
        • They will be reinstating the FIT underwriting program for individuals through age 75 and through Table 4.
      • Positive COVID Testing
        • If the applicant has tested positive for COVID-19 at the time of the application, they will postpone the application for 30 days.
          • After 30 days, if there are no further symptoms, they will process the application as normal and there will be no need for a negative test
          • If the applicant is hospitalized, they will postpone the application for a minimum of 90 days and symptoms must be resolved with no further care or residual effects.
        • Applicants with a history of COVID-19 will be required to provide a Statement of Good Health upon delivery. Otherwise, Mutual of Omaha will return to their pre-COVID guidance for Statement of Good Health.
      • For Express Products
        • If the client admits to a positive COVID test, Mutual of Omaha will postpone the case for 30 days in lieu of the previous temporary guideline of 90 days.
  • Creating a Critical Advantage Cross-Sell
    • As you work with clients to create a custom life insurance solution, take advantage of the opportunity to position Mutual of Omaha’s Critical Advantage portfolio products.
    • Learn how this portfolio acts as a complement to the client’s current coverage and how the products can help replace lost income, pay health insurance deductibles, and even cover the cost of household expenses.


  • Free Will Program
    • Click here  to learn more about Nationwide’s free will program.
  • Long-term Care Cost Estimator


Petersen International Underwriters

  • Disability Financial Planning Toll For Blue and Grey Collar Markets
    • The mere fact that domestic insurers are postponing or declining your clients doesn’t mean your clients are uninsurable.  Petersen International provides Disability Insurance Solutions when traditional carriers can’t or won’t.
  • Executive 400 – High Limit Disability Insurance
    • To properly insure a highly compensated individual at 65% of income, multiple disability income policies are often required and are layered or “tiered” to provide sufficient income protection. Petersen International can provide a complete solution to your clients.
  • Key Person Disability Insurance
    • This is designed to help your company offset the financial burden of the loss of your business’s “rainmaker.”  It is a business-owned product that pays benefits to your company if the key employee becomes disabled due to sickness or injury. Click here to learn more.
  • Failure To Survive Insurance
    • Individuals looking to close on SBA and other business loans know how slow and painful it can be waiting for full underwriting for life insurance to satisfy lender requirements. For those individuals who don’t qualify for accelerated or simplified underwriting domestically, Petersen has a solution: The Petersen International Business Loan Failure to Survive (FTS) plan is a simplified-issue term product that provides a death benefit which can be collaterally assigned to a lending institution for the explicit purpose of covering a business loan. The product requires no exams or labs, just an application that can be underwritten, issued and assigned in a matter of days, not weeks or months. It is the perfect tool to meet the tight closing schedules of most lenders including SBA lenders. The FTS coverage can also be taken out by clients who are currently in underwriting for traditional policies, but are needing immediate coverage to close on their loan.

Principal Life

  • Overhead Expense Insurance
    • Small business owners have two assets at risk if they become disabled – their income and the survival of their business. A Disability Income Overhead Expense policy can reimburse the small business owner for their share of the ongoing expenses that need to be met during their absence to help that business survive. These can include:
      • Rent or mortgage
      • Utilities
      • Property taxes
      • Employee salaries
      • Property and casualty insurance
    • This is a great solution for small physician and dental practices as well s legal, consulting, or sales firms.
    • Through our partnership with Principal you can help your clients protect up to $50,000 per month of expenses. Share these two flyers to help your clients understand the risk and how these policies work:
  • Business Loan Protection Benefit
    • Do you have business owner clients who have taken out loans to buy or expand their business? If they become disabled, how can they continue to pay that obligation? Those payments are not forgiven by the bank if your client can’t work. We often see the need for a younger professional who is buying out a retiring professional to protect the loan they have committed to.
    • Through your partnership with Principal®, they can help you protect up to a $2M obligation and up to a $20,000 per month payment through their Disability Loan Protection policy.
    • Review the program details with this profile, and share this with your clients to help them understand how you can help.



  • Your 10 Minute Monday Motivation
    • You’ll learn the core components of a sales idea and get a practical application from a case study. So, when you come across a client with a similar profile and fact pattern, you’ll be ready with a new strategy to consider and know who to call for help.
    • Click here to learn more. 
  • Trimester Marketing Resource – Turn Clients’ Challenges into Life Opportunities
    • Click here to access all future webinars, watch the replays, and get supporting marketing material.

The Standard

Principal Disability

Principal Will No Longer Be Requiring Exams for the Following Amounts: 

  1. Individual Disability – $10,000
  2. Business Overhead Expense – $25,000
  3. Disability Buy Out / Key Person – $1,000,000

If Applying for Over These Amounts
With the clients permission (short email sent to the client), Principal will use their Human API technology to obtain the clients records / exams from their online portal that most doctor’s offices are now using.  They would then work with their reinsurers on a case by case basis on using the clients lab results that were obtained from their portal, to make the offer without ordering labs.  Going forward Principal will be using this service with all cases to speed up the records process while doctor’s offices may be bogged down with seeing patients.

Tax Records
Principal will do their best to just use the 2018 tax documents and any documents that may be available for 2019 in decision making.

Updates as of 6/29/2020

Temporary benefit update guidelines and grace period extension ending:

  • Beginning July 1, customers will once again need to purchase at least 75% of eligible coverage to get the Benefit Update (BU) rider. There will be a 30-day transition period for business quoted in advance of this date. So, cases quoted prior to July 1 and with an application received by July 31, will have the temporary BU provision (50% of eligible coverage) honored.
  • Also beginning July 1, billing grace periods will no longer be automatically extended. They’ll revert back to the grace period outlined in the policy (certain state exceptions will apply).


  • Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) Helps Fill The Gap
    • If you earn a higher salary, or rely on bonuses or commissions, you may need additional income protection to provide for you and loved ones while on leave from work due to a covered illness or injury. Long Term Disability (LTD) is an excellent foundation for income protection; but benefits maximums, uncovered compensation, and taxable benefits may leave higher income earners with a gap in coverage.
    • How Unum IDI policy helps you protect your income
      • Can replace a higher percentage of your income
      • Can cover commission and bonuses
      • Individually owned, so you can keep the policy if you change jobs
      • Benefits are not offset by Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance payments
  • IDI Unum Executive Benefits
    • In today’s competitive business environment, supplemental Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) has become essential coverage for top talent. While traditional Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) provides sufficient income replacement for most employees, it could be far below the take home pay for the highly compensated employees. Click here to learn more.


The Cason Group's New Business and Application Process

TCG’s New Business and Application Process: E-Application Guide