Posted on October 26th, 2017

Many of our advisors are starting to refer their business owner clients to The Cason Group so we can solve their planning problems. The great thing about these opportunities is that after we give free advice or solve a problem for your business owner, it often turns into a sale and you get paid. Lately, we are getting referred to several different types of people.

They are typically 1 of the following 4 situations:

  1. Business Owners
  2. High Wage Earners ($300,000 + a year)
  3. Wealthy Families
  4. People who need policies reviewed/audited

The typical arrangement is quite simple.  You introduce our Financial Services Representative (via email, phone, or in person) to someone you know whom you think we could help in an area you don’t have expertise.  We advise your clients and make recommendations where appropriate, and we code you in for 50% of the commission.

This means that after you hand us the ball, your work is done. You don’t have to work on underwriting the case. You don’t have to ask your client (who is probably someone you would call a friend) any financial or medical questions that may feel uncomfortable. We do it all, and you get paid if there is work to be done.

I remember when I first started partnering with advisors to do this sort of meetings. We sat with a lady in her late 70s to give her advice. After reviewing all her inforce ledgers on her life policies (which we obtained quickly for her) I told her she had good insurance. I went on to say that I thought she should keep what she had and she had done an excellent job planning. She looked at me kind of funny.

“Is there a problem Ma’am?” I said. She said, “I thought you were going to try and sell me something today.” I reaffirmed to her that if we thought we had a better solution than what she had we would surely recommend it.  She just had good life insurance policies.

I can’t tell you how much she and the advisor who introduced her appreciated that.  The advisor manages millions of dollars for her and that meeting only strengthened the relationship. Everybody won in that appointment, and we didn’t even sell anything that day!

I could tell many other stories of how we have saved people money or rescued policies in danger of lapsing.  This process is rewarding in so many ways.

If you know enough about individual life and disability insurance to be dangerous, but it’s not your area of expertise, we would love to step in and help you. We appreciate you trusting us with your business and the opportunities you provide us!

Interested in point-of-sale assistance? Contact your Cason Group Financial Services sales representative.

  • Greg Hudgens
    Sr. Sales Representative, Financial Services: SC
    Financial Services Sales Representatives Individual Operations

    Greg, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, joined The Cason Group in 2002. He works with advisors selling individual life and individual disability insurance products.

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