Posted on September 28th, 2017

I’ve been very blessed to have worked with many highly successful advisors over the last 17+ years. They each have different personalities, gifts and talents. Some have a support staff of five or more employees, while others are a one-person shop with no support staff.

Although there are many differences, I’ve noticed several things they all seem to have in common:

  1. They ask for referrals every time they meet with a client, friend or a prospect. I’ve literally seen an advisor ask a client on a Monday if he knew of anyone who needed the help of a good advisor. The client said no. The advisor asked that same client the same question 3 days later…and picked up an individual life insurance lead, as well as a group lead. He wrote both leads.
  2. They ask for the business. It’s hard for someone to say “no” to your face when you directly ask for their business. But even if they say no initially, ask them again a few months later. Circumstances change more often that we realize. Plus, at some point many people get tired of saying no.
  3. They ask decision makers difficult but excellent questions on the front end. Such as:
    • “I know you’re a very loyal person, and I appreciate that. That being said, if you decide to make me your new advisor, what will you say to your current advisor when he calls and begs you to stay on as his client?”
    • “What will you tell your employees to do if they don’t get ID cards until after the effective date?”
    • “What will you do if your wife angrily calls you after going to the pharmacy and having a problem with her drug card?”
  4. They smile and laugh. People do business with people they like. Try smiling more and laughing more with your clients. Trust me…it works!
  5. They keep things simple. As advisors, we basically talk about benefits all day long. But clients and prospects do not. Make sure to explain things to them simply and clearly. That way, they will more easily remember what you’ve told them…and can easily explain it to other employees, family members, etc.

These five things are really pretty simple. Some of them might not come as naturally to you as others, but trust me: with a little practice, you can turn them into second nature. And as a result, you will find yourself earning more clients, AORs, and ultimately…more money!

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  • Jonathan Hudgens, RHU, REBC
    Sr. Sales Representative: SC
    Individual Medical Group Operations Sales Representatives

    Jonathan, a University of South Carolina graduate, joined The Cason Group in 2000. He works with advisors in SC to obtain quotes, negotiate with carriers and assist in selling and enrolling new medical groups.

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