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Financial Services: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Annuities

The Cason Group Financial Services team combines quality products and carriers with our sales and administrative staff to guide you through the underwriting process. From sales presentations to case management, we strive to be your business partner for all your life and disability insurance needs.

There are three ways a Financial Services advisor can work with The Cason Group:

  1. Traditional brokerage services – The Cason Group provides traditional brokerage services for an advisor and his or her clients: case design and quoting, licensing and appointments, providing applications and other appropriate paperwork, ordering exams and medical records, negotiating with underwriting, and ensuring successful policy issue and placement.
  2. Business Development and Data Mining – In addition to the above referenced services, your Cason Group Financial Services Sales Rep will go through a process we have developed to categorize an advisor’s book of clients and proactively determine which clients potentially have a problem that can be solved or a need that can be met through life and/or disability insurance.
  3. Point-of-Sale Assistance – This includes traditional brokerage services and business development and data mining, but this one also includes The Cason Group taking the lead role along with or on behalf of the advisor on some or all of the following services: meeting with the client, determining needs, designing the customized solution, presenting solutions to the client, taking the application, delivering and servicing the policy. This level of service typically includes some level of agreed upon commission split.

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